Gospel Service

Sunday 11.00 am (Socially distanced service at the church or skype available for those who cannot attend).

These meetings usually begin with a short reading from the Bible, or a prayer, followed by a hymn of praise. After brief notices there is usually a longer reading from the Bible, another hymn and a prayer. Following a third hymn, a sermon explains the reading and applies it to those present. The meeting is then closed with a final hymn and prayer. During the current Covid-19 restrictions we are able to sing, we’re currently mostly using piano music but occasionally using recorded music (when our pianist is away) to comply with government restrictions.

If you are not a Christian, you are welcome simply to observe the service; you do not need to join in with the singing and you do not need to say “Amen” at the end of the prayers. At the end of the service, you are welcome to ask anyone any questions you have.

In usual time primary school children are invited to come to our Sunday School which takes place during the sermon. However at present, due to Covid-19, this is suspended.

To join a Skype service contact zetlandevangelicalchurch@gmail.com

A list of forthcoming preachers is shown on the preaching calendar.